Medical Evacuations Worldwide
Medical Evacuations Worldwide
Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Case Managers Section

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Insurance Assistance

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Commercial Stretcher

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Long Distance Ground

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Neonatal / Pediatric

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

How Do I Pay You ?

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

How Long Does it Take ?

We can in an emergency be wheels up in 3 hours but normally

Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Medical Evacuations Worldwide

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Case Managers Section

Relationships That Last

Horizon Air Ambulance wants you to know as case managers, patient advocates and hospital staff we realize your time is valuable. At the same time please understand that we know you are the lifeline to our business. We pride ourselves in handling every step of the transport once you supply the medical reports necessary to travel. We know in most cases you have the families you are dealing with and the choice is yours if you would like to have them deal direct with us or have all the information go through you.

Air Ambulance Worldwide

Obviously the majority of our work is transporting patients worldwide via air ambulance. Below is a basic list of what you can expect from us and how your patient will be transported. We will keep you informed every step of the way during the whole process. We handle your transport Bed to Bed with minimal involvement on your part. We know that the rate you receive from us matters greatly in your ability to proceed, talk to us, we are here to help.

Medical Evacuations Worldwide

Some of What You Can Expect

Our "Patient Home Program" May Interest You

Horizon Air Ambulance sees the need for helping Case Workers, Social Workers and the Hospital System return uninsured traveling patients and patients who have a financial disadvantage back to their home. Here is how we assist in keeping the cost as reasonable as possible. When the standard cost of air ambulance transport is higher than the budget permits we have devised a way that we can get these patients home safely for 70% of the cost. Many of our hospitals have patients that are basically stuck in their facility costing them money everyday. This program helps your facility get them home at less a cost than actually keeping them as an uninsured patient. Look at our patient registration form and see what we can do for you. Some of the requirements are...

Please Read Carefully

1) Previous Budget Approval from your Administration

2) Medical Report Supplied after Contract

3) Medical Team Requirements

4) Ground Transportation to Departure Airport

5) Contract Signing with Accepted Carrier

6) Secure Payment within 24 hours of Acceptance

7) No Specific Patient Info to Register

8) Your Payment is Carrier Direct

9) Carriers Credentials Supplied

10) Register Your Case for ID #

How Do I get My Budget ?

Automatically after registration you will receive an everyday transport cost from Horizon Air Ambulance. Our program works on a 65% to 70% basis. We will issue you a case ID # and a budget rate for transport. If your Administration agree's we will post it in our log that all flying air ambulance carrier's can see. If there trip is heading in your direction, simple, your patient is home. All air ambulance service includes patient plus one passenger. Check if specific aircraft can handle more passengers.

Call Us to Register Your Patient

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Horizon Jets charter and Horizon Air Ambulance are programs of Horizon Jets LLC. Horizon Jets arranges flights on behalf of members and clients with FAR Part 135 air carriers when available that exercise full operational control of charter flights and air ambulance flights at all times. Flights will be operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers that have been certified to provide service for Horizon Jets and that meet all FAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by Horizon Jets LLC.